~ Our Background


The CONTRASAD is a legally registered Non-Governmental organization established in the year of 2004 in Kismayo, Lower Jubba region, Somalia.  The establishment of the agency was intended to contribute the ongoing support development East and Horn African Rural community when they are most needed support including Emergency response, Relief and Development worthwhile support to the advancement community development in the operational area CONTRASAD its birth was driven by the local community.

Due to collapse of public institutions in result Somalia civil which claimed loss of many lives and devastation public and private institutions and also employed lack order and systems had created vacuum of purgatory.  In order communities to maintain their life and have systems that can support through self-help, Jubaland intellectuals together with the community had discussed and realized that establishing independent organization was the option, hence humanitarian and development agency had become necessity of which CONTRASAD was initiated, in the year of 2004.


Respect :

We adhere to respect the values and cultures of all Stakeholders whose participation in our decision-making process is of high importance

Integrity and Credibility :

We perform in compliance with our mission, being honest and transparent in our activities.  


Voluntary service :

We participate in our activities with a commitment not prompted in any manner by desire for gain

Transparency/Accountability :

We always remain accountable to our stakeholders giving appropriate and timely feedback and transparent in our activities


Commitment :

We collectively serve the community by being effective and efficient in our activities

Gender Equality :

We value equally the different behavior, aspirations, needs and rights of youth, children, women and men, This may include equal treatment or treatment that is different but which is considered equivalent in terms of rights, benefits, obligations and opportunities. Their rights, responsibilities and opportunities do not depend on whether they are male or female.


The Centre works on the basic humanitarian principles and international humanitarian law, as well as the obligations of warring parties to obey and observe International Human Rights principles. We also envisage that the rule of law and democratic principles to be forged and prevail


CONTRASAD centre is committed to the state-building through peace-building approach from Bottom-Up Approaches. Promote community social reconciliation processes and peace dialogue at districts and regional levels to achieve sustainable peace, security and development. Building confidence and restoring relationships among different social strata.


Enhance the capacity of local authorities, local administrations, and communities in terms of management skills, democracy and good governance. Ensure sustainable social community development and transform violent behaviours and culture of violence into non-violent one by creating a culture of peace.


Garissa, Kenya

P.O.Box 1239-70100

Tel : +254755821122

E-mail : amwaganlash@gmail.com

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